Outline — Rachel Cusk

Outline was meant to be my vacation perusal last summer and succeeded in doing so. It is a lightweight read at first sight when it really gives deep insights in several peoples lives. It is described as a novel in ten conversation. And it rightly is so much to the point that I often forgot about the main character, the narrator, and her mission as the conversations are more monologues of the colloquist than a real back and forth.

All this is taking place in Greece as the British protagonist is teaching writing in a summer school in Athens. Therefore a beautiful scenery is given as well. Yet Rachel Cusk doesn’t give herself in that much to simply describe the landscape in all its glory and detail but rather inserts these rich descriptions into her characters stories.

This book was a quick read and a really refreshing one. I enjoyed diving into the characters’ stories while never really feeling attached to them and their fate. Something I always thought of being an indication of a flat story and bad writing. However here it makes the story shine.